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Product Code : GLOMMF0685


This is a factory 6-round magazine for Glock 43 pistols

Glock’s compact & subcompact 9mm magazines deliver the same rugged, combat-ready reliability and the same durable polymer-and-steel construction as their full-sized counterparts—all in a smaller package that’s more practical for everyday carry.

The long-awaited single-stack Glock 9mm uses the same basic magazine design that earned Glock’s stellar reputation. Features include durable polymer construction, full-length steel insert, steel internal spring wires and individual witness holes for each round.

ONLY fits Glock 43 pistols.

These are the best and ONLY magazines you should consider for your Glock 43 pistol.

As with any concealed carry magazine, it’s important to keep a few spares handy, and to rotate your loaded magazines every 1-3 months to help maximize reliability and service life. Glock magazines come with a very strong spring rate from the factory to ensure reliability in the toughest of conditions. Sometimes, magazines are found to be a little bit difficult to load at first. However, after a few times loading and unloading, the springs break in nicely and it becomes much easier to load.

We recommend using a magazine loader to ease the loading process.

For added strength and durability factory Glock magazines are steel lined on the interior with a crack resistant polymer body. This increased durability gives officers, military members, and dedicated citizens the confidence that there will be no issues under heavy training.

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